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Gardening is hard work! June 22, 2011

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Happy first day of summer!  Now that our garden is in full bloom, we have been working hard to keep the garden in tip-top shape.  In the last weeks of school we had students watering and weeding the garden.  As school ends and summer begins, we have some wonderful volunteers that have signed up to water and weed throughout the summer.

Third grade students weeding the "antennae" on the butterfly


What’s growing in the garden

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Our fruits and vegetables are really beginning to sprout!  Check out what’s growing in the garden!

Do you like to eat squash? Did you know you can also eat the blossoms as well!

Blueberries are ready to be picked!



Peas, ready to eat!

Time for a nice summer salad!


Third Graders Tour the Washington Youth Garden June 16, 2011

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Yesterday, the third graders in Ms. Choi and Ms Chatalian’s class had the opportunity to visit the Washington Youth Garden at the US National Arboretum.

We went on a scavenger hunt in the garden and got to try out different types of herbs that we’ve never tried before like sorrel, fennel, lemon basil and chives.  We ran our fingers through the many different types of mint to smell the differences in the types.  We also learned about vermaculture or worm composting and about why healthy soil is important to the garden.  We even got to sample fresh raspberries straight from the bush! We also got to look at different types of gardens within the arboretum!

Our trip helped us to become excited about gardening and we are eager to take everything we’ve learned at the WYG back to the Stoddert Garden!!

Students learn about composting

Third Graders at the Washington Youth Garden

Students visit the gardens of the arboretum

Aquatic Gardens


Plant Watch: Pumpkin

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Yesterday, Ms. Redman’s second grade class went out to plant several varieties of pumpkins.  Keep your eyes out on the first two plots next to the greenhouse!  


Plant Watch: Native American Cotton June 15, 2011

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Have you ever used a cotton ball or a Q-tip?

Are your clothes made out of cotton?  Check the tag!

Do you use a fluffy cotton bath towel?

So many things come from cotton and did you know it comes from a plant?!

We will get a first hand look on how cotton is grown.

Ms. Prosser’s fourth grade class has planted Native American cotton in the raised bed next to the herbs!  Keep your eyes out for it.

When it is ready to be harvested it will look like this!


Stoddert’s First Harvest–More Kale Please! June 12, 2011

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On Tuesday, students in grades 3-5 took park in Stoddert’s first harvest of lettuce, kale, chard and spinach.  A harvest party was planned by parents, Martha Rebour, a holistic health counselor and  Eliza Gonzalez, a professional chef.  Each class went out for one hour and learned how to pick and wash greens, make several types of dressings with herbs from the garden and fill out a Stoddert Garden triva challenge. After students prepared the dressings and greens each class sat down at the tables and enjoyed dipping their greens into the different kinds of dressings.  All the teachers and students agreed that it was a successful event!  I even overhead one student asking, “Can I have more kale?”  Now, that’s something you don’t hear enough at the dinner table!